Happy Monday! My weekend was wonderful. I was able to catch up on some house work and spent most of my time Sunday basking in the sun sitting pool side.


…but now back to Monday, dreary old Monday, where I get to sit at my desk all day and dream about where I could be instead of working on mindless projects. I often think to myself, sitting at my desk, how wonderful it would be if only I had a different career. This is just not working for me but I don’t have a clue at how to begin to change it.


Maybe I just need to put myself out there. I like photography, that could be an option, or maybe travel. I LOVE to travel and it could be a career…I think. I’ve seen plenty of people become successful by traveling. Traveling and photography actually…these both could lead to a pretty enjoyable career! Hmmm….lots of thoughts….maybe I should actually get back to my “boring” job…since technically I am on the clock. On second thought maybe I’ll just brainstorm a bit more and let you read more nonsense that I decide to write down. Hopefully it is enjoyable nonsense!


I could set out with my sidekick, my dog Brody, on an epic travel adventure in a converted VW bus (another dream of mine) driving cross country and stopping to see the countries landmarks. Maybe just the national parks to start out…that sounds fun! Camping, hiking, and kayaking along the way. I am baffled that I have yet to start this epic adventure…Oh, right, I have bills and responsibilities. Does that really matter in this day and age? I suppose it does if I want to stay in the boring and uneventful life that I have created for myself. I’ve played it safe up to this point and I think it’s time for me to start making some daring decisions. Happiness is a wonderful thing and I believe that everyone deserves it. But everyone also needs to explore, make those daring and scary decisions, to find what they truly want to experience out of life.