So I’ve complied a list of things that I often wonder and think about. Maybe looking at this list every once in a while will help me figure out some of my dreams and where I really want to be. Sometimes I feel so lost and I think it’s because I don’t stop to think about what “I” really want. I’m sure there are other out there who think the same. So create your own list and go back every now and then a look over it. Give yourself some direction!

  1. Being a professional traveler…my ultimate dream!
  2. Finishing school (JUST A COUPLE YEARS TO GO!)
  3. Pick up that guitar that is sitting in the house!
  4. Where I would be if I weren’t so worried about what others thought.
  6. Moving out West
  7. Being the best person I can be to those who truly care.
  8. Living life on my own terms and to the fullest
  9. Going back to church (Not to sure about this one)
  10. What makes me happy…(this one is a lot harder than it should be.)